+ Why should we chose Eversby as our Search Agent?


  • The best properties are, by definition, highly sort after. We give you a vital advantage. As professional search agents we are well connected with the local market. We know all about the properties on the market, and more importantly, are often aware of those properties yet to reach the open market.
  • We know the key people at the various local agents and speak to them regularly. Our close relationships can provide access to these 'off-market' properties, keeping our clients one step ahead.


  • With a background in property development and finance, we have ability to spot the potential of a property and the skills to negotiate on your behalf. Our fees are directly linked to our success in delivering your dream home at the lowest possible purchase price.


  • From the moment we are signed up, we get to work. We live and breath your search, starting with understanding your exact priorities and framing your brief. We then handle the detailed search process, agreeing the most effective negotiation and acquisition strategy and keeping the deal on track. A single point of contact, available 7 days a week, with you at every step of the way. Read about 'How we work'.

+ Why should we not go straight to the estate agents?

Estate agents are paid by the seller and, importantly, they act in the sellers best interests. Also they only have access to the properties they are instructed to sell.

As independent search agents, we work solely for you, the buyer. Our advice and guidance is impartial and based only on your unique requirements. Our sole aim is finding the right property and negotiating the best terms, solely for you.

+ Can Eversby save us money?

Yes. We are committed to two goals on behalf of our clients - finding their dream home - and then negotiating the best terms, on your behalf. Our fees depend upon our success in negotiating the lowest purchase price.

This takes experience and knowledge. We use our experience of the bidding process, knowledge of the local market, the recent relevant comparables, an understanding of how selling agents work and the knowledge of a sellers' situation. This insight is invaluable for effective negotiation to give us the best chance of success.

Read our 'client stories'. Remarkable results.

+ We're already well connected to local agents and want to keep searching - Can Eversby still help?

Yes - Many of our clients turn to us after months of searching, unsuccessfully, on their own. We're happy to pool our efforts. However, using our approach, we're confident we will be the first to deliver the right property, before anybody else.

+ We're a family relocating from London, can you help us with Prep School choice?

Yes - Prep school education is right at the top of many families' priorities and is key to framing your property search.

We can share our insights, the pros and cons of many schools, our contacts with registrars, and experience as local parents ourselves to guide you towards choosing the most appropriate school for your child. We also can recommend a professional education consultant if required.

+ We're thinking of renting, before buying - Can you help?

Yes - Many clients prefer to familiarise themselves with the area, schools and transport links first hand. Being chain-free and able to proceed, gives a distinct advantage in negotiations and an ability to react quickly to new opportunities. Let us help with the rental search, whilst starting the hunt for your ideal home.

+ I own an outstanding local property - Can you advise?

We are regularly approached by home owners who own significant properties likely to suit our prospective clients. They share their intention to sell in the months ahead and as independent property consultants we are happy to share our objective guidance. The outcome can often be a discreet sale.

Alternatively, we're happy to simply offer objective advice, as you prepare your home for sale with an estate agent.

We can advise on potential valuation, agent selection, sales strategy or simply styling advice. A small investment can have a surprisingly significant impact to the valuation, speed and success of a property sale.

Please contact us for an informal conversation. See here.

+ At what stage in the process should we contact you?

The sooner you tell us your broad plans, the better. At least let us offer our advice and help you frame your search. Also, we constantly hear of great off market properties, which might well turn out to be 'the one'.

Each search we undertake is unique. From urgent situations, involving our immediate intense engagement to long term, very specific niche searches - we can accomodate our clients needs.