Advice for home owners considering a sale

Have a clear strategy of how you will achieve a successful sale. For those considering selling their family home, our advice and guidance is completely objective. Also, we may even have a buyer, just waiting to buy a house like yours.

Private Sales

We are often contacted by owners of family properties which will likely tick the boxes of our clients. These owners flag a willingness to sell far in advance and simply want informal advice. They recognise we represent a selection of committed buyers. Some owners are interested in a discreet, disruption-free private sale. Please contact us for an informal conversation.

Sometimes your best course of action may well be to use a traditional estate agent. With our insight and knowledge of the local market and our dealings with the leading agents, we are happy to recommend some suitable candidates.

Presenting and Marketing your Property

We can help you map out a strategy, prepare the property and recommend how to get the best service from your chosen agent. Our advice will always be independent and objective.

We can a recommend how best to present your property and highlight the key selling features. The presentation and marketing strategy of your property is vital to the overall success of the sale and ultimate price achieved.

Advice from a Local Property Stylist

Simple improvements could pay significant rewards. For advice on how to present your home - we can recommend a local home stylist. Unlike interior designers, stylists can be a remarkably cost effective solution for a swift and successful sale.

Book a two hour consultation with our stylist partners to provide practical interiors guidance on how to refresh your home using colour, lighting, accessories and your existing furniture.